VitalityMove is Jessica Ennis-Hill’s ultimate running festival, combining keeping fit with a variety of fun festival elements to make this a brilliant day out. As well as our traditional 5k and 10k runs, we’re introducing Music Miles – one mile loops to music with changing themes throughout the day, so there’ll be something for everyone! On top of all that moving, we’ve got a range of festival extras to make this a spectacular day out…

Sports Zone
Our Sports Zone will be full of activity for you to get stuck into on the day. On top of running and music, your day at VitalityMove will provide a huge amount of other fun and great things to do. We will be adding activities over the coming months, including great sports to try and cool brands bringing you a variety of other things to get stuck into.

Food Village
Looking for a nutritious snack to keep you fuelled during the festival? In the Food Village you’ll find a variety of delicious street food and refreshments, along with the traditional favourites we all love. With fresh pizza from the heart of Italy to the sweet strawberries of Gloucester, there’s something to keep everyone moving.

The music for the day will be specifically developed by Jessica, in collaboration with her friend and legendary DJ, Trevor Nelson. Trevor will be using his music expertise combined with an understanding of what you, the British public, run to in order to create the full running and music experience on the day.

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