This summer Jessica Ennis-Hill will get the nation active at VitalityMove, her new music powered running festivals in spectacular surroundings. We think that a great way to get motivated in the run-up to the events is to listen to some great music, which will be a big part of the festivals. See below for our exclusive Spotify playlists and watch this space for even more music!


Vassos Alexander’s Rock Favourites

To help shape the soundtrack on the day, the event’s Musical Director Trevor Nelson is attempting to find the Nation’s Favourite Running Song. The first up for the vote was Radio 2 sports presenter Vassos Alexander’s 8 favourite rock tracks which help him get motivated to run.

The votes are in and the favourite you selected was Mr Brightside by The Killers! You can listen to the rest of Vassos’s playlist on the left.

To take part in the next vote which is Trevor Nelson’s picks, visit The Nation’s Favourite Running Song page here.


Your Choice

In our quest to find the best motivational music for getting moving, we ask everyone when they sign up to VitalityMove what their favourite running song is. We made a shortlist of the most popular in the Your Choice playlist on the left.

Why not have a listen next time you fancy stepping out for a run, walk or even just to dance around the house?

Keep your eyes peeled for updates as we get nearer to the events!


VitalityMove Training

Whether you’re training for your first mile or your umpteenth 10k race, good music can often make the difference between a fantastic run and a flop. That’s why we’ve put together this VitalityMove Training playlist, chock-full of the best running songs with enough of a beat to keep you moving.